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‘Freelancing” this term is so closely related with outsourcing. Now a day this term becomes more popular because of its use. Outsourcing is a wider sense of freelancing. Outsourcing means to collect the work from the various sources and do this work with a contract and get paid for those works. It is actually a work which is done by a third party who is not an employee of those office or institution. The person who does this outsourcing work we called them a freelancer or an independent contractor. And the person who gives this work to a freelancer called buyer. So, in case of freelancing all of you always you have heard this two word. A freelancer and a buyer build a contractual relationship for a specific period.

Why freelancing comes….?

Today’s world is the most fantastic and modern technology based world. In case of developed country they are too much busy in there highly growth economical business. They don’t have enough time to do such work which can waste his valuable time. This is just for understanding as I mention here actually developed countries people are so much engaged in their high amount of money business. They are now such a modern and advanced that we can imagine there process of fastest work. As a result they become developed day by day.

For the development of internet communication USA, America, and in Europe started some online based business actually which is one of the main reason of freelancing idea comes to the whole world.

One of the major reasons of freelancing is totally related with cost efficiency matter. Working value of a developed country is so higher than undeveloped country.
I gave an example for batter understanding.   

Suppose for a 500 hundred words of article a worker of developed country like (USA, EU,) they will claim for this article as Labour money at least 10 to 15 dollar.

But on the other hand a freelancer of an undeveloped country like (India, Bangladesh) the Labour money claim will be at beast 1 to 4 dollar.

So this is another important reason for freelancing idea development. Where a worker will work as an independent contractor with comparable low Labour money
But for the freelancer the matter is that on account of currency difference this low Labour money is satisfactory money for a freelancer.

On condition of give and take method day by day this freelancing becomes so much popularity. All types of people especially young generation they can use their time and get paid a handsome amount of money from a foreign currency.

Day by day the process of this freelancing becomes much easier.


You have lots of choice to do work in freelancing.

If you have enough computers programming knowledge than your possibility to earn money from online will also be higher.

You can work on

  1. Software Development
  1. Web Design & Development
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Data Entry Processing
  4. Office Administration
  5. Customer Care Solution
  6. Call Center Solution
  7. E-Commerce Maintenance
  8. Photography Service & Solution
  9. Graphics Design Service
  10. 3D Animation Making
  11. Audio & Video Editing Solution
  12. Product Marketing & Promotion Service

And many more for know details about area of work visit freelance market place

Thank you

Term related with freelancing career

To start you need know some term related with freelancing career. Here is some term related with freelancing we hope that this term will be help you all the time in your freelancing career.

Freelancer = in generally a person who is not an employee but an independent contractor or self employed by his own effort will be called as freelancer.

Freelancing = A freelancer did some work for his self-development that is called freelancing.

Buyer = A buyer is someone who work as a media in the field of online freelancing. He may post his own task to finish by a freelancer or he may collect some task for a freelancer.

Outsourcing = outsourcing is a wide term, basically it means about some task which is done by external party or third who is not directly employed by any farm or institution. The main objectives of this outsourcing to collect some job task for a freelancer.

SEO = search engine optimization (to make the own blog or website in the first page of Google)

Odesk = it’s an international freelancing market place

Freelance market = such an online market where a buyer and a freelancer can connect with each other.

Bid =   to get the freelancing task or work a freelancer need to compete with other freelancer.

Affiliate marketing = is a modern way of marketing. By this a person can sale a product of another person and get the commission for this.

Adbrite = it’s an alternative of Google Ad Sense

Google Ad Sense = it’s a way of publishing ad in your own blog or website. And you will get paid if any one visit in your website and click on this ad.

E commerce = it’s a wide term, but in short we can say that it’s a modern way of virtual online business.

PayPal = this is very popular online money transaction site. The fee of withdrawal money is very low that’s why almost all the country supports this PayPal. Unfortunately except in Bangladesh.

Payoneer = this another money transaction site provide an international master card.

Moneybookers = this is also a money transaction site popular and excepted in Bangladesh

Alert pay = this is totally hassle free online money transaction site.

PTC     = Paid to click

Social marketing = Marketing in social networking sit like Facebook, twitter, MySpace etc.

Data entry = All types of computer entry related task is called data entry like (article writing, review writing, form fill up, sign up etc.)

PPC = paid per click

Blogging = To write something in the virtual world for the help of people without any interest.

Forex = Forex is an international virtual foreign money exchange depended market. Profit and loss depends on the up and down of foreign currency.

PMB = private message box

So terms related with freelancing career will help you to improve in your freelancing business.

Thank you for the day in future we will give you lots of information about
Freelancing (online earning)

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