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Activities of Computertalents

Company Activities

“Computertalents” basically a fully IT based service oriented company. It works in the different field of IT. Computer servicing, computer programming and engineering, Software development, mobile communication technology, mobile servicing, web design and hosting, data entry processing, International freelancing and many more service oriented field it has enrich professional expertise.
Beside this company has a legal advice service which is totally free for the poor people.
From the social responsibility “Computertalents” directed some humanitarian, environmental, social organization.

Palash Ibrahim

880 () 1747012863

“Computertalents” also involved with various national and international organization. But above all if this 100% guaranteed statement is that “Computertalents” is totally political biasness free company”.

In near future Computertalents will increase its business as a group of company.

Upcoming project of this company is

  1. “Banglar Hridoy” an exclusive design & real photography based fashion house. (BHFH)
  2. Sonia Ibrahims photography center. (SIPC)
  3. Legal action Bangladesh (LAB) a corporate law firm in bd.
  4. Cyber talents Bangladesh {CTB} (an expertise freelancer area)
so, dear visitor be always connected with computertalents. be always with latest and exclusive something in IT.
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